Thursday, 19 October 2017

Musical madness

Musical Madness Recount

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Write a recount about the immersion assembly. You will write at least 3 paragraphs about the event.

Paragraph 1: Going to the assembly and how you felt.
Paragraph 2: What happened at the assembly. (commas and questions marks can add extra paragraphs here).
Paragraph 3: Leaving the assembly and how you felt, what were your favourite parts.

Remember to: Use time connective, detail, similes and speech. Quality writing has variety!

Start Writing here:
Musical madness Term 4

This morning me and my class walked in a line silently to the hall for a special assembly. when we got there Mr J, Mr Burt, Mr Wiseman, and Mr Somerville and Miss Nuia sang a band called musical madness to start term 4 off it was awesome.After that it was team 1 and 2  item they were playing snap with jumbo cards when they were playing snap they it with different kind’s off music.

Mr J showed us a video of this boy who was playing drums for his school in Scotland it was cool when they were swinging the sticks in the air.

After that it was team 3 item Miss Eady Miss Davis and Miss King walked into Miss Eady’s class and Mr Moran was there on his phone from when he posted a picture from when he was 7 and Miss King posted a photo from when she was 17.  

Last team 5 shared their item with us it  was about watching the start of the lion king with different music like creepy music it was scary Mr

Wiseman was giving popcorn to his pretend family.

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