Thursday, 21 June 2018

This is my drawing for my reading task

going to the year 7 & 8's

On Thursday Osa and I went to Mr Wiseman’s class. It was fun. Osa and I were playing snakes and ladders and then the bell went. After that we went to kiwisport with the year 7 and 8’s. After that it was time to go back to the year 7 and 8’s class. When we got back we got to do our animation for about 30 minutes then the lunch bell went. After lunch we got to go on coolmaths games all afternoon until Miss West called out on the speaker that we had to go back to class to put our chromebooks away in the chargebuddy.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

this is my test

On the weekend there was a man at his farm with all of his animals he was playing with them the man was throwing the ball and the animals were trying to Catch it. After that they all went for a drink even the flies and the beez went for a drink. The water was in a bucket the flies beez the bunny roster donkey and a bull it was funny when they put their mouth in the bucket of water the bull had grass and dirt on his


Today we had to show what we can write in 40 minutes to write without talking to others . We were able to work quietly to complete the task

Friday, 1 June 2018

Dimc problem

                                            this is my first Dimc problem to put on my blog

Friday, 18 May 2018


Last term on the last day we had fiafia on the field on the stage the Mc’s and Mr Burt did a praya we watched all of the other performances i was in hip hop we went 3rd when we were beside the stage i was nervous and excited. Then we went on it was fun me and my friend were in the same group

immersion assembly

On Monday the whole school went to the hall for our immersion assembly. First we watched team 1's item then team 2's then team team 3's then it was finally our turn. Our one was about our team 4 teachers that made a rocket ship with a teddy bear in it on the teddy bear had a bucket hat on it and there was a red flag with a 4 on it. The team 4 teachers pushed it of the stage in the hall after that it was team 5's item. after that we went back to class and did work.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Dictation race

Today was met to be the picnic.Sadly it was raining today which meant we Couldn't go Miss West had packed her hat, and sunblock and towel.Hopefully we will get the go to the picnic Letter in the term It is nice to go swimming And enjoy the sun at our very own Beach.

This morning we got into pairs and the person with a chrome book had to sit on a chair and the other person had to go look at the tv because the tv was facing towards the wall. That person had to go and tell the person with the chromebook what it said so they could write it down.